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JonySport Portable Thowing Circles
Throwing Circles for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Portable Throwing Circles

Each unit is constructed using the same plywood used in traffic signs which need to stand up to the worst weather conditions. While not waterproof these circles are as water resistant as I can make them. Although designed primarily for indoor use they may be used outdoors.

The bottom is coated with a granulated rubber surface much like many track surfaces which makes the unit stay securely in place during use. This is important if your throwing area itself is smooth and/or somewhat slippery. The throwing surface is a two part finish with numerous coats making it extremely durable, will not splinter, crack or peel and yet, if damaged by misfired implements, easily repaired. This finish is neither "slippery" nor "sticky".

The sections are pinned together for perfect alignment, eliminating any chance of misalignment of each half's throwing surface.

The mechanism that locks the sections together also draws the sections together as well as separates them. Once separated, each section is simply tipped on edge and rolled away.

Set up and removal is a one person job!!


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